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 Our Meeting 23rd August 2006

Fish and Chips Street Party

Holy Trinity Social Club

David Fitzgerald Plummer and Wendy Shaw David Fitzgerald Plummer (who we were delighted to see looking fit and well again) and Wendy Shaw were both working hard all day.  Here they are taking an order for the tea and coffee which flowed all day. Our Vice-President Our Vice-President also seemed to be in good shape - and there was rather less of his shape than in the recent past.  Good for you, John.  Here he is, in attendance at the washing up station and probably contemplating the long drive back to Yorkshire. 
We were very grateful to Chris Hazlewood and Terry Fullwood who, in the absence of Henry Metzger on holiday, showed films, played background music and made a video of the day, quietly and unobtrusively doing a great job. Chris Hazlewood and Terry Fullwood Among those attending were Mr. and Mrs. W. King.  Here they are at the event and behind them, there they are in a photo of their wedding day, on part of Sandra's display of local weddings. 

 Mr. and Mrs. W. King

Eric and Wynn Woolley Here are Eric and Wynn Woolley, who are well known locally for having the world's biggest collection of Bilston and Wolverhampton photos - many of which they have published in three volumes which provide a great record of Bilston as it was. he bar was open, as one or two members were quick to notice The bar was open, as one or two members were quick to notice.  But, of course, this being Bilston, perfect decorum was maintained throughout the day. 
Our President, T. Genge Esq., the distinguished head master and historian. T. Genge Esq And then the food arrived and everyone tucked it, street party style, sitting at long tables.  Various committee members buzzed around trying to exercise the sort of parental control that usually failed at street parties. 

he food arrived and everyone tucked it, street party style

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