The Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations P2 of 3
13th July 2012
Holy Trinity Social Club
Price Street


Whilst we waited for our fish and chip lunch to arrive people recalled watching the event on their TV at home, although  we have to remember that not everyone owned a television back in 1953.  Where were you on Coronation day?  " I was outside The Palace” one gent recalls, " on guard duty, I had a spectacular view of the event”
 "I watched in Church Street, Bilston, I watched the whole thing on a television in a shop window” said one lady  "well me and my brothers went next door with our mom and dad, "well, they had a telly, we couldn’t afford one.  "We went to the Town Hall at Bilston; they had a dance on that night, there was lots of folk about, everyone enjoyed themselves.

Tucking in Fish 'n' Chips Fish n Chips
Tucking in Nothing like good old Fish 'n' Chips Delicious
  Two Late Comers  
  Shame these two didn’t arrive earlier,
they could have had Fish and Chips...
Ted Garbett and Bill Pope Caption Competition ?? Theres no mistaking Kath Kiely is there... 
 Ted Garbett and Bill Pope, looking decididly suspicious Caption Competition???? Theres no mistaking Kath Kiely is there... 

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