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Mince Pies

Christmas Party starring Our Club Members with
Special Guest Star
Paul Birch

8th December 2010
Holy Trinity Social Club,
Price Street,

Mince Pies

Well, here we are again, another Christmas party, it only seems like a few weeks since last Christmas
The tables were adorned with a lovely selection of food, including the seasonal mince pies of course.br class="style2"> Doors opened at 12 noon and members soon filled the room.

Is this the queue for food? Cracker Time Our Youngest Member
This is not the queue for food is it? Cracker Time The little girl in this picture is the Granddaughter of
Mr. & Mrs. Garbett
, she must be our youngest member.

The Club always tries to vary the entertainment. In the past we have had Villiers School Choir, Holy Trinity School Choir, Club members, such as the Twilight Sisters, and the unforgettable Black Country Memories Club Male Voice Choir, who sounded just like Alvin and the Chipmunks for some reason. We have given away many security items in the past, such as door bars, window alarms, shed alarms, etc.  This year Lisa Parmar from the Neighbourhood Safety Partnership and John Golby, from the Local Neighbourhood Partnership came along to support us. All of our members were given a carrier bag full of goodies aimed at reducing crime.

Santa's Helpers
Carol Singing Room filling
Lisa and John fill carrier bags' whilst Santa's Little Helpers look on. Eyes Down look in or Carol Singing,
You decide....answers on a Postcard please
The room starts to fill,
 and Henry has his camera poised ready for action

Although our Christmas Party is a social occasion, we still like to hear members reminisce and share their stories. Christmas memories of dressing the tree on Christmas Eve, or waking up on Christmas day to find a stocking with fruit and nuts in it, and perhaps a penny.
The smell of the Turkey cooking, or in our case it was usually a Capon, mother used to say that Turkey was too dry, what she really meant was, Turkeys are too expensive, a Chicken doesn’t go very far between a family of six does it.

Eric Enjoying The Show Sophie gives Eric a round of applause
Eric Woolley shares his memories and a few jokes Alan & Isobel Bickley seem to be enjoying the show
Sophie Heath (Sophie Is the Curator at Bilston Craft Gallery), gives Eric a round of applause.

The Festivities continue here