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'Vinegar and Brown Paper' July 12th 2017

Old medication Old medication Old medication Old medication
  The pictures above show a varied selection of old time remedies  
Old medication Old medication Old medication Old medication
Some of our speakers 'remedies' More old remedies More old remedies Some of Frank Sharman's old remedies
A rapt audience a good audience A good range of Raffle prizes Kath Raynolds - Our Guest Speaker
A fascinated audienceA well attended eventRaffle prizesKath Reynolds

Our guest speaker Kath Reynolds gave a fascinating talk about some of the old remedies that were popular before 'Modern Medicine, took over some of them were more effective than others.  Some it traanspires were effective to some degree, others should be taken with a pinch of salt.  Salt as it turns out was quite a common ingredient in many of these old remedies.  Apparently amny of the more popular ones were reccomended to be taken with Whisky - which could well explain their popularity!  Kath's talk went down very well (no whisky was required for this) and we hope to invite here bacj to do another talk next year. If you enjoyed the talk why not visit Kath's website? www.kathreynolds.co.uk