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Bilston's Coat of Arms


4th to 11th November 2006

Bilston's Coat of Arms

Our Chairman and  Pat McFadden You can think of your own caption for this one.  My guess is that our Chairman has just been explaining our organisational structure and committee proceedings to Pat McFadden.  Lord Turner Back in the not quite real world, Lord Turner was briefly re-united with the gown he wore when he was a local councillor many moons ago.  And now he has swapped it for ermine - local lad makes it to the Lords. 

There was a Lord Wolverhampton over 100 years ago.  It's taken that long to get a Wolverhampton City and a Lord Bilston, thereby featuring us on the constitutional map as well as the industrial one.

Margaret Benton was a Bilstonian who became Mayor of Wolverhampton.  They bought along not only their ceremonial jewels but also photos of when Margaret was Mayor and  Sue Hall was her Mayoress. Margaret Benton Angela Russell, the daughter of the Bilston Mayor, Walter Fellows, also brought along the jewel presented to her mother, the Mayoress. Jewel for Former Mayoress
pennant from the Bilston mayoral car And Angela also brought along this pennant from the Bilston mayoral car.  When her father, Walter Fellows, became Mayor her mother, as Mayoress, thought the pennant that came with it was a disgrace. So, with true Bisltonian civic spirit, she set about making a new one.  This is it.   Reg Hartill and his wife, Betty More people were coming in all day.  Here Reg Hartill and his wife, Betty (sitting left), sign in.  Mr. Hartill's Bilston shops are well remembered.
The Reverend Beth Leach, is the vicar of St. Mary's, Bilston, where the Club has often put on exhibitions.  Local churches, of all denominations, have always played an important part in the life of Bilston and it was very good to see them represented here. The Reverend Beth Leach More crowds.  We really need a bigger place for events like this!  On the right is the Club's first Chairman, Brad Purshouse, in the red is Ken Ward, in the centre is our President, Trevor Genge, and he is talking to Jim Hewitson, the nephew of the great Bilstonian, Herbert Beech. More crowds
Henry Metzger Henry Metzger had not only made an excellent video with John Mellor, but throughout the day battled the crowds to make a video of this event.  Mr. and Mrs. Ron Davies get treated to an exposition of some of the finer technicalities. Megan and David Fitzgerald-Plummer  and Barbara Presland And while all this was going on, Megan and David Fitzgerald-Plummer were keeping a level head and concentrating on the important things - tea and biscuits.  Barbara Presland waits - to help, not just to grab a cuppa. 

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