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On the 15th October 1980 I joined a lot of other Bilston people to watch the final demolition of the Elisabeth blast furnace. I took up a position on Millfields Road. At about 9.40 am this is what I saw:

Office Block & Elisabeth (Furnace) 10 o'clock Smoke from Bottom of Furnace Elisabeth Started to fall 
There was the office block and the old familiar Elisabeth furnace, still standing. But at 10 o'clock ... ... there was a bang and a puff of smoke blew out of the bottom of the furnace.  Elisabeth started to fall ... 
crashing down A cloud of dust Dust settling Elisabeth was gone
... and came crashing down. Then everything disappeared in a cloud of dust - and people started bobbing up and own to see what was going on. The dust started to settle and we started to see what had happened. After a few minutes we could see Elisabeth was gone.  It was all over and we all turned for home.

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