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17th October 2007


Holy Trinity Social Club


Your reporter has to admit that, before this meeting was even over, he had left to go on holiday.  And when he got back he was a bit busy.  And so now, in January 2008, he leaps into action to record as much as he can remember about this meeting.  He tenders his apologies and tenders in mitigation the fact that he is incompetent.

Bill Pope and Barbara Presland Off to the usual start - Bill Pope and Barbara Presland on the door and the box for the raffle draw in evidence. People start coming in People start coming in - before the doors had officiially opened, but who cares?
Filling up - and we ended up full, with a buit over 100 people there. Filling up Reg Aston had an interesting display of old photos ...

an interesting display of old photos

Henry Metzger .. and Henry Metzger was one of those studying the books.  A  virtual Gerald Hanrahan A very virtual Gerald Hanrahan.  Here on the World Wide Web is a photo of a television monitor showing a video of Gerald.  In the good old days, the world would have been spared this sort of thing.
Light refreshments were available, Megan Fitzgerald Plummer to the fore.  Megan Fitzgerald Our Chairman, Alan Bickley, keeps and eye on proceedings.

Alan Bickley

Sandra Aston, George Phillpott and other stalwarts. Sandra Aston, George Phillpott and other stalwarts. All ready for a talk All ready for a talk.
Our President, Trevor Genge, gave a most interesting talk on street names and their origins, concentrating on local ones. Trevor Genge, And then the mike went round for members to add their own information on the subject.

the mike went round

>At this point your reporter made his excuses and left.  He is sure there was some further entertainment and, of course, the draw for the raffle.  Can anyone tell him about what went on and/or let him have photos of it, so it can all be added here?

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