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Light Bulbs

MEB at Major Street

Light Bulbs

These pages are about the Midland Electricity Board depot and offices at Major Street, Wolverhampton and the people who worked there.  There are links below to four parts of the story.  The first is about electricity supply  (but mainly in Wolverhampton) and gives the background to the story up to 1948.  The second is pictures of the premises where it all took place.  The third is the main part and is a history of the MEB at Major Street.  The fourth part contains photos and stories of some of the people who worked there.

If you have any more information of any sort about any aspect of MEB Major Street, please get in touch with us.  We would like to add it to these pages.

A history of electricity supply in the area

The buildings at MEB offices and depot

The History of the offices at Major Street

The people at Major Street

The Electric Club

Work and Leisure at the MEB

  Electricity Sub-Stations

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