The Queens
Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
13th July 2012
Holy Trinity Social Club
Price Street


As most of the celebrations are over, ours is about to begin.  The day was started by hanging yards of bunting, blowing up the balloons, laying table cloths and turning the room into a sea of red, white and blue.  Whilst we celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the day Elizabeth was crowned, we share some of the memories  that our members have of that day in June 1953.
We had lots of lovely of old photographs and memorabilia of the Queen’s Coronation, her Silver Jubilee, her Golden jubilee and much more.Ted Garbett showed off his wonderful display of tokens, badges, and booklets, along with Coronation crockery loaned by Kath Kiley, an embroidered tray cloth loaned to us by Monica Morgan, Phoenix glass, specially made for the Coronation, loaned by Frank Sharman.

Coronation Crockery Photo Display Royal Memorabilia
Coronation Crockery A Photo Display Royal Memorabilia
Enjoying The Show  Showing The Flag Waiting for Fish and Chips
Enjoying The ShowShowing The Flag Waiting for Fish and Chips

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