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John Mason's Fountains

Methodist Church Fountain In 1867 John Mason, solicitor of Bilston, erected three handsome public drinking fountains in the town, and invested the sum of £1,200 in Consoles, in foundation of a charity known as “Sarah Mason’s Charity,” in honour of his wife: the income is distributed amongst 30 poor women upwards of 60 years of age and resident in the town and not in receipt of parochial relief, by the churchwardens in each parish yearly, on the 10th September, being the anniversary of the wedding day of John and Sarah Mason. Mr. Mason, in 1870, invested a like sum in foundation of “John Mason’s Charity,” which is distributed in a like manner yearly on St. Thomas’ Day, among 30 old men who have resided at least five years in the parish of Bilston, and have not been in the receipt of parochial relief during the previous six months. The three Drinking Fountains were erected At St Marys Church Oxford St. Methodist Church High St. and St Michaels Church Wolverhampton St. The fountain at St Marys is the only one remaining.

2nd Fountain