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Flowers Our meeting on 22nd February 2006


Holy Trinity Social Club
Tom Larkin and Bill Pope Our Annual General Meetings are usually purely business but this time we had a lot of other things going on too and it was very pleasing that so many members attended - despite the bitingly cold weather.
 Here Tom Larkin arrives, blowing against the cold, and collects his new membership card from Bill Pope.  Tom is really the founding father of the club, so it was important to see him there.
Barbara Presland (Treasurer) and Alma Darby (Secretary) Barbara Presland (Treasurer) and Alma Darby (Secretary) were also sitting at the seat of custom and keeping the membership records - and the money, of course.
Amongst those present we were very pleased to see Reg Aston - and his purple trousers.  Reg had brought along one of his excellent displays of local photographs and ephemera.  This display, in part, looking forward to our big exhibition next November, when we will be remembering 40 years ago and the abolition of the old Bilston Borough Council.Reg is talking to our member, Roy France.  His parents had a butcher's shop on Oxford Street, right opposite St. Mary's church. Reg Aston is talking to our member, Roy France Also there was Billy Howe with an album full of his local pictures.  With him was his friend John, another local history enthusiast. Here they are showing their photos to Sandra Aston. Billy Howe with his friend John, and Sandra Aston.
here is a younger visitor Most of our members are Senior Citizens and so, usually, are our visitors.  But here is a younger visitor, standing by some photographs of recent events which Henry Metzger had put on show.

By opening time Kath Kiely, Megan and David Fitzgerald-Plummer (assisted by Barbara and Alma when they had a moment) had brewed up and tea, coffee and biscuits were available for everyone as they came in and throughout the afternoon.

It was soon time to call the meting to order.  It was soon time to call the meting to order.  On the far right here is Ned Williams, the local historian.  It was good to see him here as he has had a health problem, from which we hope he will soon recover fully.
Bill Everitt is another Bilstonian and long-time member .. Bil Everitt .Other august regulars included Tom Larkin, John George, Gerald Hanrahan and Joan, and Margaret Bowdler. Tom Larkin, John George, Gerald Hanrahan and Joan, and Margaret Bowdler.

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