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Our meeting on  5th December 2007


at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Oxford Street

Rainbow  It was cold but, for the only day that week, there was little rain and some sunshine.  This rainbow over Bilston was a sign of one of our best meetings to come. Supervising The Christmas Elves Bill Pope and David Fitzgerald-Plummer supervise the efforts of the Christmas elves - well, Kath Kiely and Alma Darby.
And David moves on to supervise Megan Fitzgerald-Plummer who was laying out the splendid buffet which she had prepared. Laying out The Buffet The Christmas Elf presides over the spread. The Christmas Elf
Kathleen Darby Anyone who came a bit early was set to work and Kathleen Darby sets about it with a will.  Henry Metzger Henry Metzger lines up another shot and hopes for success.
Barbara Presland starts to sell tickets for the raffle ... Selling Raffle Tickets and Kath - what is she doing?  Giving a blessing? What's Kath Doing?
The Bar is open Jill opened the bar for the sale of Christmas spirit. The Buffet Starts When everyone is there and more than ready, the buffet starts ...
... and carries on. The Buffet Carries on Megan slices a cake specially designed for those on a diet ...

Megan Slicing a Cake

Everyone Settles Down ... and everyone settles down.

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