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Kettle Cannon Knights and Bilston Tokens
Holy Trinity Social Club
Price Street

Although the doors open at 12 noon there is always a queue of eager people coming in early to view the exhibitions and today was no exception. The October weather was kind to us and the rain stayed away. Today’s event was all about the Cannon Foundry at Coseley. The company once employed almost 2,000 people; if you didn’t work for the company you probably know someone that did. As well as a collection of old photographs we had many other items on show, including the best display of Bilston coins and tokens. This fantastic collection was displayed by our very own Ted Garbett. Ted boasts a collection of every Bilston token that exists. Also on display the well known Bilston knights from Frank Sharman’s collection.

Checking In   A Quick Snack
 Ready for the rush, Barbara Presland, Ted Garbett, and Bill Pope man the door.   Pat Ball snatches a quick snack and why not?
 Pat & husband Stan are always on hand to help us with refreshments.
A good crowd Busy hall buzzing with activity
  As can be seen above the hall was soon a hive of activity with a good crowd  
The Bachellor
Early Gas Stove Coins
The ‘Bachelor’ The door opens to reveal a grill. A very early gas stove
One burner on the top and one behind   the glass panel.
Any more information on this stove would be welcome.
 Some of tokens & coins collected by Ted Garbet
Tim Ward As well as Cannon Knights & Tokens we were treated to an extra display by artists, Tim Ward, Kiran Chahal, & Stella Corrall
The artists were chosen by various members of the public to design artwork for the new ‘Bert Williams Leisure Centre’
Stella & Kiran were chosen to do the interior art works whilst Tim will design the exterior art work. Here we see members giving their ideas, suggestions and memories of Bilston. The artwork should be installed at the leisure centre sometime in March
Kiran Chahal
Frank Sharman Cannon Knights Slide show time
Frank Sharman Cannon Knights Slide show time  Frank Sharman gave a very interesting talk
backed up by a slide show.

Its at this point where we say ‘the afternoon was finished off with a raffle,’ well after the drawing of the raffle and all of our visitors have gone home, the room has to be cleared of display boards etc, tables and chairs have to be put back into their usual place, washing up has to be done, the floors have to cleaned. As the public don’t get to see this side I thought I would add the following pictures instead of the usual array of raffle prizes.

Special thanks to Mary and Gill for all that you do behind the scenes.


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