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Flower Bowl Black Country Memories Club
'Boundary Changes’
Wednesday 18th July 2012
Bilston Methodist Church
Bow Street, Bilston
Flower Bowl

Although it’s July the suns not blazing but the rain was warm and sixty six members attended, as well as several visitors including people from Smethwick and Chesterfield, would you believe. Let’s hope the meeting was well worth the journey. Today’s exhibition is all about boundary changes, although we are all too aware of the 1966 merger with Wolverhampton and some of us are perhaps familiar with the new proposed boundary changes of 2013. 

Frank Sharman opened the debate by giving a talk on the subject of boundary changes from as far back as medieval times to the changes of the 1970s when Bilston along with other towns changed from Staffordshire to West Midlands.

After Franks very interesting history lesson we were treated to a talk from Tom Larkin on the changes of 1966 and what it meant to the people that were affected. Moxley was no longer part of Bilston but went to Walsall, Wednesbury became Sandwell, and now the Boundary Commission want to carve up Bilston again but this time into four parts. Although this proposal is for political reasons only, some of the more sceptical amongst us can’t help but wonder if there will come a time when the Black Country towns will come under one heading, Greater Birmingham... let’s hope not.

Having a Good Natter A Pair of Poets A Comprehensive Photo Display
Having a Good Natter Trevor Johnson and Reg Summerfield A Comprehensive Photo Display

As usual we had an array of old photographs and maps etc to stir up memories. Our thanks to members for bringing memorabilia of days gone by. We did invite Moxley History Society to join us on this occasion, but unfortunately they didn’t respond.

Another good  talk Another afternoon of debate and reminiscence comes to an end, and like always we finish off with the raffle. Our thanks to all those that attended especially those that travelled from afar, and thanks to Eileen Ward- Birch, Trevor Johnson and Reg Summerfield for brilliant poetry.  Tom Larkin
Delicious Cakes and Sandwiches were served
Delicious Cakes and Sandwiches were served
  Closing the day with The Raffle
Closing the day with The Raffle

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