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Faggots, Peas n Black Country Humour

 July 22nd 2009


The weather was kind to us today, very warm and sunny, and 89 members sat down to a Black Country delicacy, Faggots, Chips and Peas. Or should that be pays? Henry Metzger , Gerald Hanrahan and John George provided a slide show on the big screen whilst we waited for the Black Country Humour to arrive.

So many people  It’s always good to see so many people Knifes and Forks ready  Knifes & forks at the ready
The Black Country Humour’ takes to the stage in the form of ‘Alfie’ Alfie Not sure what Alan Bickley is doing on the chair, has he seen a mouse? is he pointing out that he is the Clubs Chairman? Or has he got a bird’s eye view of the entertainment, well, perhaps lan will tell us Not sure what Alan Bickley is doing on the chair
Alfie Leaving  ‘Alfie ‘is now leaving the building, after delighting the audience with his funny odes Conducting The Choir  It looks as though Frank Taffana is leading the Choir, or are these people
queuing for more faggots n peas
Back to Archives Index With all the chips eaten and not another faggot in sight, the raffle was drawn and we finished off with the Memories Club rendition of ‘Land of Hope & Glory’, and ‘There’ll allways be an England’.
Very traditional, just like Faggots, Peas & Chips.
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