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at Etheridge School Millie, far left centre row, and her twin sister, far right centre row, at Etheridge School.

Millie's parents ran the Bilston Labour Club which was in a large Victorian house where the club still stands.  They all lived in a flat there where Millie recalls that her parents always seemed to be at the back and call of the members.  She longed to have a place of her own and some privacy!  But, of course, she became committed to the party and was one of its stalwarts.  Her collection of photos include many connected with the Labour Party in Bilston.

This is Ada Wilson (with her dog, Mac) who was an original member of the Bilston Labour Party.  Later she was Mayoress of Bilston and the mother of Mrs. Alderman Jones. Ada Wilson + Dog Before the Second World War the Labour MP for bilston was Mr. Mort.  This is him at his daughter's wedding, with Millie and her twin sister acting as bridesmaids.  This must have been about 1934 or 35. Mr Mott MP at daughters wedding
Walter Fellows Will Nally, an ex-war correspondent, was the Labour MP for Bilston.  Here he is seen sitting in a carriage which was used for publicity purposes during the 1945 general election.  Will Nally won the seat and Labour won the election. Will Nally Walter Fellows, then the Mayor of Bilston, making a presentation to Millie's mother,
Mrs. Jarvis.  Mrs. Fellows is seated between them.
Alderman Jones at the Mayor making ceremony.  Handing over the chain of office is the immediate past Mayor, Vic Fellows. Alderman Jones The Mayor, Alderman Jones, and the Mayoress, with the Town Clerk, Mervyn Williams, probably taken at the official opening of some new council houses. Mayor, Mayoress & Town Clerk
And finally, one of Millie herself.  That's a large photographic mural in the background!  With Millie are her woodwork teacher and Dennis Turner, MP. Millie with Dennis Turner

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