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Church Sculpture Our Meeting 26th September 2004


St. Mary's Church, Oxford Street
Church Sculpture
The church foyer was packed The church foyer was packed.  In this corner members of the church ran a very successful raffle, with many excellent prizes, starting with a huge tray of fruit which John Elwell had brought down.  Your reporter regrets to report that all the produce was sold before he could get a jar of pickled onions. On the right, in red, is Elsie Chattin, whose husband had a grocer's business in the old Oxford Street. photos and maps of old Oxford Street Reg Aston had brought along a fantastic display of photos and maps of old Oxford Street.  Our members and visitors remembered old times and were able to add all sorts of information.  And one good lady was reduced to tears on finding a photograph of her grandfather's shop.
Reg and Megan find time, and a little space, to talk to a local visitor. Reg and Megan talk to a local visitor. Roger Cox makes a quizzical comment on a table full of Phoenix glassware, which was made at the corner of Oxford Street and Loxdale Street.  It was one of many factories in the area. Roger Cox
The foyer was  crowded all day. Somewhere in here was John Hughes' display of photos of the area, especially it's transport.  The foyer was about this crowded all day.  Our publicity must have worked well - Jim Speakman getting the local media involved and Tom Larkin distributing posters and flyers all over town. Trevor Genge had set up an automatic slide show of local scenes. The display boards, with Reg and Sandra's photos, spilled out into the aisle, where Trevor Genge had set up an automatic slide show of local scenes.
We hadn't long got going when 'Arry 'Arrison decide we should all go outside again, so that he could organise everyone into one huge photograph for The Bugle.  'Arry 'Arrison And here is the Bugle's photographer taking the photograph, looking straight past the Express & Star sign.  And then another shower gave us all an excuse for rushing back inside again. the Bugle's photographer

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