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Kath Kiely
My early life

The Author and her Sister
That's me lying down and my sister Mary behind me.
School Trip on Mersey Ferry  In 1939 we had a school trip to Liverpool.  This is us on the ferry across the Mersey. The ship was the SS Samaria and it took us across to Birkenhead.  Family Photoback row: Me (Kath), Joe, Mary
front row:  Joseph and Mary (my parents), Frances 
Me with my friend Ann Phillips-Danon, sporting the New Look, about 1947 The Author and her friend Ann Me at 21, with Valentine, my future husband, at the Police Ball in Bilston Town Hall  The Author and her Future Husband 
The Author's Wedding  My wedding, at Holy Trinity, 29th December 1951  Just Married  Valentine and I, just married at Holy Trinity Church. 
Here I am, some years later, in the back garden of the house in Temple Street, where I still live.  Left to right:  Lynn Darrel, me, my son Tim, Pat Mullett  The Author in her Back Garden  from left to right: me, Sylvia Talbot, my sister Frances.  In front: my youngest, Patrick.  We are at Rhyl, which was our nearest seaside resort and which many people from here went to.  We were on a day trip.  We went there in "the big green van".  My husband, Val, was a motor mechanic and did a variety of jobs, for many of which the big green van was essential; but we used it for family transport too.  At Rhyl 
Quasi Arc Female Office Staff  This photo of of the female office staff at Quasi Arc, who were a large employer locally.  Family Group


This family group was taken in about 1961.  Behind me is Val and my three boys, from back to front, are Peter, Tim and Patrick. 

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