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Flowers Our meeting on 22nd February 2006


Holy Trinity Social Club
Olive Topliss and Peter Topliss.  And, of course, George Phillpott was there too.  Your reporter did not photograph him but did arrange for him to meet the Dutch great-grandson of the founder of Beldray when he come here, he hopes, in the Spring.  Jaap Ariens is taking a keen interest in this leading Bilston company, so recently closed. Olive Topliss and Peter Topliss Then our Chairman, Alan Bickley, got going.  He gave a splendid review of a very active and successful year at which we had had not only our own meetings but had been associated with or represented at at least 12 other events.  With him at the front are our President, Trevor Genge, and our Secretary Alma Darby.  Alan thanks all the committee for their hard work and mentioned Alma particularly, without whom .... Alan Bickley, got going
The Chairman The Chairman also proposed that Reg Aston, who has been the mainstay of our displays, should be elected as an Honorary Life Member of the Club.  This was passed with great acclamation.And the officers and committee all got re-elected. Bob Stokes, seen here with his sister, Doris Everitt Bob Stokes, seen here with his sister, Doris Everitt, was a member of the Parachute Regiment.  He had brought along a rather rare film (introduced and narrated by another old soldier, Huw Wheldon) about the exploits of the Regiment on and immediately before D-Day.
Henry had set up his elaborate equipment to show the film ... Film show set up ... and it was watched with rapt attention and great interest. and it was watched with rapt attention and great interest
And after all that, there was still time for more tea and biscuits and more studying of the displays, before we all went back into the cold.  more studying of the displays

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