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Our meeting on  5th December 2007


at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Oxford Street

Plenty of Eating So there was plenty of eating and chatting ... Taking photos ... and taking of photos ...
and Reg Aston bustled about ... RTeg Aston Bustled about ... and the Vice President tucked in ... The Vice President Tucked in
everyone sat back ... and then everyone sat back ... relaxing ... and relaxed a bit ...
.. and prepared for a nice nap while Frank Sharman gave a talk about Christmas in the Black Country.  Preparing for a nap After that, everyone woke up again while Father Christmas delivered presents.  (Some might think that it was Alan Bickley dressed up but in fact it was the real Father Christmas).

Father Christmas

Lots of presents Whoever it was, he seems to have given presents and pleasure. 3 Little Sisters Then there was no way of stopping the stage show, lead by the Three Little Sisters ...
Big Sister Barbara ... assisted by Big Sister, Barbara. Dave with the extra leg  Highlight of the performances was "Dave with the Extra Leg".
Then it was time for "Box 13", splendidly run by Alan, Megan and David, and quite a lot more presents were won. Time for Box 13 Ad finally, the raffle.  This was the table of prizes somewhere near the start of proceedings but it ended up with twice as much on it.  The Raffle
Thus ended a great party.  Our thanks to all those who gave the raffle prizes, who provided the buffet and ran the bar, and provided the entertainment. 

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