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Bill Chance

Margaret Weston (nee Chance) has kindly provided these photos of her father, Isaac William (Bill) Chance, who worked at Bradley's from the age of 14 until he retired, aged 65, in October 1975.  They provide an interesting glimpse of the social side of life at Bradley's.

Christmas Dinner A Christmas dinner, date unknown.  Bill Chance is third from the left, turning towards the camera.
This may be the same event - the people seem to be sitting in the same places!  Bill Chance is third from the left.  Fourth from the left is Sim Fereday. 

Xmas Dinner

Bill Chance & K.H. Rowe-Ham Taken in October 1970, when Bill Chance was 65 and retiring.  The cooker was one of his retirement gifts.  Making the presentation is the Managing Director, Mr. K. H. Rowe-Ham.
Again, this seems to be the same occasion - the people are wearing the same clothes!  Bill Chance is on the left, K. H. Rowe-Ham in the centre, but the man on the right, presumably another retiree, is not known.



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