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Memories of our Meeting, 17 April 2004
"Springtime in Bilston"
at St Leonard's Church

          Raymond Whitehouse Raymond Whitehouse brought along some of his water colours of local canals and copies of his book about them. We are great admirers of Ray's paintings and, with our President, Trevor Genge, to the fore, we encouraged Ray to get his work in to print.  He has done so, with wonderful results.  You can get a copy - with all its reproductions of the water colours, explanations of the paintings, maps of the local canals and notes about them, from Ray.       between Reg and Sandra Aston, is Satnam Rana What are they all looking at?  I've no idea but perhaps they were posing for the photographer from the Express and Star, who gave us a nice picture and a write up in the following Monday's edition.

 In the photo Left, between Reg and Sandra Aston, is Satnam Rana from the BBC's Midlands Today.  We hope that she will be giving us tv coverage of our next big show, which will take place at the Craft Gallery in Mount Pleasant, from 5th June to 12th June.  It will be all about the Second World War, especially the Home Front.
Another view, later in the day.  All the usual suspects seem to be there. All the usual suspects It always seems difficult to get a photo of our committee member Henry Metzger but here is a kind of paparazzi shot of him.  Henry has just produced his video accounts of some of our meetings on DVD.  All this hi-tech stuff holds no mysteries for someone who is also the Chairman of the Wolverhampton Video Society.    Henry Metzger
Alan Bickley and Bill Pope, The Chairman, Alan Bickley, and committee member Bill Pope, reflect on a pleasant day. -either that or pilot Bickley is telling rear gunner Sergeant Pope about his latest sortie.  Bilston in Spring We end this report with this work of art, symbolising Bilston in Spring, which was used on our posters for this meeting.  The picture is by Reg Aston.  Colouring in by Frank Sharman (aged 64¾).

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