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Xmas Candle  

Christmas Party 2009

 ‘The Good Old Days’ Holy Trinity Social Club'
Xmas Candle

You have probably guessed what the theme of the party is by the title. On the day we had a selection of hats, feather boa’s, pearly queens and more. The Party got off to a good start with a paper chain making competition, followed by charades and pass the parcel, well who said Christmas was just for Children. We even made it on ‘YouTube’courtesy of Eric Wooley.

Alan & Isobel Bickley We asked for top hats and feather boas,we got a couple of Onion sellers otherwise known as Alan and Isobel Bickley. Bill Pope Our door man, Bill Pope signs in members. Alma Darby can be seen pointing her finger at our President, John Elwell, could it be that he's forgotten to sign in?
It's that Onion seller again talking to Geral Hanrahan, whils Henry Metzger adjust the sound equipment. Alan Bickley, Gerald Hanrahan and Henry Metzger And Soon the club is full of members, tucking into Christmas Cake and all sorts of goodies, prepared as usual by Megan Fitzgerald Plummer, helped no doubt by David Tucking in
Eric & Wyn Woolley Eric and Wyn Woolley, Eric's hat says 'Hot Stuff' - I can see why Wyn thinks it's so funny..I think it was wishful thinking Eric. Plenty of Food Peter Pinson and Terry Inskip seen here, unfortunately I can't recall names of the other people in the photo, but that's not unusual for me.
Raffle Draw We always end the day with a raffle, and I hope that Barry Hodgson has not drawn is own own raffle ticket: he did win a Christmas Stocking in one of the competitions Prizes Some of our fantastic raffle prizes on display

Party games over, food devoured, raffle drawn, it must be time to go home, there again maybe not. Members decided to offer their rendition of the ‘Lambeth Walk’ If you really wish to see this event, click here.


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