Reg and Millie Winsper

Reg and Millie Winsper have been leading lights in two different aspects of Bilston's life.  Reg was well known as a football player.  Millie was well known for her role with the Labour Party.

Frank Sharman went to visit them to pick their brains about many aspects of Bilston life and came away with a lot of information and also many photos which reflect Reg and Millie's own lives.  On these pages there are some of them.  We start with some photos of Reg's footballing life.

St. Leonard's Football Team This is the St. Leonard's School football team.  Reg. already a promising footballer, is at the right of the front row.


The Bilston Borough Juniors.  A pre-war photo.

Bilston Borough Juniors


Bilston Borough Juniors again. Another pre-war photo of Bilston Borough Juniors.


A photo from the 1947-48 season when Bilston FC won the Walsall League, the Walsall Challenge Cup and the Walsall Senior Cup.

Bilston FC


Bilston FC again And another photo of the same successful team.


Individually Reg was one of the most successful players in the Bilston team and on a number of occasions was selected to play for the Staff F. A. Team.  Here is a programme, showing Reg at right back, for the match against Northants F. A..

Football Programme

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