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candle our meeting on 5th December 2005


at Holy Trinity Social Club, Price Street
Xmas with BCMC Our Christmas meeting was originally scheduled for the Springvale Social Club but they managed to make a double booking.  So we moved to the Holy Trinity Social Club, where we have often been before.  Upon reflection everyone considered that this was a much better option anyway.  Our publicity machine went into action with Jim and Gerald getting us media publicity and Reg getting all sorts of publicity material produced.   The upshot was a very successful and very well attended function.


The move in venue did mean that we had to do our own catering but Kath Keily, Alma Darby, Sylvia Horton, Megan Fitzgerald Plummer and John Elwall were more than equal to the task and vast amounts of food appeared.  Here is just some of it - and our Vice President discovering that the bar was open. vast amounts of food appeared
David Fitzgerald-Plummer. Bill Pope and  Alma Darby We were very pleased to see David Fitzgerald-Plummer.  He has to keep away from large crowds but came in before and after everyone else to help set out the room and clear up afterwards.

By our noon opening time Bill Pope was in his accustomed place, signing in members and visitors and collecting donations; and our  Secretary, Alma Darby, was busy selling raffle tickets.

And a particularly fine lot of raffle prizes we had too.  Notable were the bear and baby soft toy, given by Jim and Rose Speakman, and the large baskets of fruit and veg given by John Elwall.  And we are grateful to all the other members who gave generous prizes. a particularly fine lot of raffle prizes
Henry Metzger, our expert videographer Henry Metzger, our expert videographer, trips the light fantastic while setting up his equipment. The stage and the rest of the room were very nicely decorated for Christmas in a blue and white theme.
Members soon started rolling in - well, not literally of course, we are very respectable people - but the room was soon full.  The ladies with their backs to us here are sisters, Sheila Skitt and Mary King. Members soon started rolling in
George Philpot (centre)  and Reg Aston (left)  On the right is Mr. Skitt. Amongst those taking up position were some old stalwarts.  George Philpot (centre) as smart and spry as ever; and Reg Aston (left) who, not having one of his displays to look after, was able to take it a bit easier that usual.  On the right is Mr. Skitt.  
And still they come.  That's another stalwart, Margaret Bowdler, on the right; and, second right is Alan Hadley. (Your reporter apologises for not getting all the names of everyone in the photos.  If any one can put names to faces, please let us know and we will add them). Margaret Bowdler, on the right; and, second right is Alan Hadley

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