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Stowlawn Flats

Memories of our meeting on

14th December 2002

Stowlawn Flats

Stowlawn We were very pleased to be able to hold a meeting in conjunction with the Stow Lawn Residents' Association. 

Their delightful community room (on the ground floor to the left of our picture) provided a warm and bright venue on a cold and gloomy day.
Despite the awful weather there was a very good turn out of members and of local Stow Lawn residents.
Deputy Chair and our Treasurer Before the event had even started our Deputy Chairman was making a vigorous point to our Treasurer.  Our Treasurer looks as if he knows something the Deputy Chairman doesn't.  Maybe he knew that the day would prove very helpful to the Club funds.
Kath Kiely put on another fascinating display of her memorabilia, this time concentrating on the armed services. 

That seems to be Trevor Genge and Alan Bickley in a huddle in the corner. What the plot was remains a secret.

Trevor Genge and Alan Bickley in a huddle in the corner Reg Aston set up a very large display of photos of old Bilston and had yet more in several large files.  He is probably going for the record for the largest number of Bilston photos ever exhibited in one place.

The room had been decorated for Christmas by the Residents' Association, which contributed to a very pleasant atmosphere.

 display of photos of old Bilston
Watching a Video In the morning Henry Metzger installed all his equipment and showed the video he had made of the Made in Bilston exhibition we had run in September. 

This was a very high quality production - as befits one of the leading local lights in videography. 

items made in Bilston by Beldray.  Frank Sharman has bought along a large collection of brass and chrome items made in Bilston by Beldray. 

But he left the setting up and decoration to Sandra Aston, who turned it into a really nice Christmas display.

While the video was showing Henry stood at the back and had a cup of tea.  That shows a proper degree of confidence in his equipment and is something most of us could not manage.

We had a repeat showing later on during the day.

Henry's cup of tea was one of what must have been hundreds, kindly provided by the Residents' Association.

            Henry Metzger By lunch time the place was getting full.  And the Residents' Association generously provided Grey Peas and Bacon, which suited both a nostalgic occasion and the bitter weather. the place was getting full.